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Announcement: Swimming Pools Open For The SUMMER!

Barberry Village, Brookside, Greenbriar
Village, Julie Ann, The Scholls and Springbrook Village have opened their pools for the SUMMER!

Robes de bal courte

2014 Rose Festival Treasure Hunt Returns

If you’re already a Portland native, you’ve probably heard about the Annual Rose Festival. You may even remember “The Treasure Hunt”, which is making a comeback for 2014.

The Treasure Hunt was a very popular program that began in the mid-80′s and continued for nearly 20 years. A Rose Festival medallion was hidden on public property somewhere in the Portland-metro area, and daily clues were offered in The Oregonian to help hunters narrow down the location of the treasure. These clues made reference to local history as well as geography, and often they were so obscure that they generated a lot of “water cooler talk” among casual observers and hunters alike as they tried to decipher the meaning of clues.

The hunt will go on, but it returns with some changes. Clues won’t be out in print at all – instead they’ll appear online daily at between May 26 and June 8. And while hunters used to rely on library research and telephone coordination to find the medallion, worth a cool $1,000, they’ll now be able to conduct broader online research, have instantaneous communication and pinpoint specific locations in the city – all on the go with your average smart phone.

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