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3 Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Posted on October 4, 2017 by admin in Resources

Have You Considered Learning a Second Language?  One of our properties offers second languages classes, and anyone can sign up for free language classes online.  Here are 3 main benefits of learning a second language:

  1. Your Brain Will Grow – Johan Martensson’s research shows that after three months of studying a foreign language, learners’ brains grew in four places: the hippocampus, middle frontal gyrus, inferior frontal gyrus, and superior temporal gyrus (gyri are ridges on the cerebral cortex).
  2. You Will Have a Better Memory – According to research conducted by Julia Morales of Spain’s Granada University, children who learn a second language are able to recall memories better than monolinguals, or speakers of just one language.
  3. You Will Have Better Listening Skills – Do you remember how hard listening was at the beginning of the language journey? Pure nightmare!
    And since the brain has to work really hard to distinguish between different types of sounds in different languages, being bilingual leads to improved listening skills

more benefits and the complete article published by Universe of Memory that lists 75 additional benefits.


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